Laundry Etiquette

  • Watch the time  Never leave clothes in the washing machine or clothes dryer after the cycle has finished. Other residents may be waiting to use the machines.
  • Be patient  Give others 15 minutes after their cycle has finished before removing their clothes from a machine.
  • Don’t take it out on the clothes  Place the other resident’s removed clothes on top of the machine. Never throw another resident’s clothes on the floor.
  • Keep it clean  Keep the laundry neat and tidy by cleaning up any spilled detergent or other messes made.
  • Your lint is your responsibility  Don’t make the next resident using the clothes dryer clean the filter first.
  • Don’t hog it  Share the machines by leaving the other machine free for another resident to use.
  • Know your limits  Overloading the washing machine or clothes dryer with clothes or using top load or too much detergent can damage the machines and your clothes.
  • Show some respect  Treat every resident’s clothes as you would your own & return all clothes to their owner.

ALBION HOUSE Laundry is an independent enterprise operated by ALBION HOUSE Management

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