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Do not climb or sit on top of the washing machine.

• Do not sit or stand on the open door.

• Never lean against the washing machine door.

• Obey the maximum load volume of 6kg.

• Never wash carpets or rugs in the washing machine.

• Ensure all objects are removed from clothing pockets such as lighters and matches.

• Please do not close the washing machine door with excessive force and ensure that the clothing load isn’t excessive if you find it difficult to close the door.

• Please only use front load washing machine detergents. Flammable and explosive or toxic solvents are forbidden for use with the washing machine. Petrol or alcohol should not be used as a detergent.

• If you use fabric softener or similar products, obey the instructions on the packaging.

• Please wait 2 minutes before opening the door after a wash program completes.


Please follow these steps carefully to avoid trouble with the washing machine and damaging your clothing.

Washing Considerations

• New clothes can leach colour onto other clothing items, particularly whites. Consider washing these bright colours separately.

• Stained clothing should be treated with a stain remover prior to washing.

• Temperature sensitive clothes should be washed in accordance with their care direction label. Otherwise distortion and / or changes in colour can occur.

• Never allow washing to sit in the washing machine for a long period of time – particularly when wet. Clothes can become mouldy and develop an odour.

• Certain clothing cannot be washed in a machine - care directions state dry cleaning or hand washing required.

• Wrinkle style clothes, embossed clothes or resin clothes may become distorted when immersed in water.

• Avoid washing clothes without care direction labels in the washing machine to be safe.

• Always remove all items from clothing pockets as hard items can cause damage to the washing machine.

• Try to wash clothing colours and sizes in like loads as this will improve the washing effectiveness and results.

• Close all clothing zips and ensure all buttons are fastened securely.

• Delicate items such as bras, handkerchiefs and ties should be washed within a special washing bag to prevent damage to themselves and other clothes.

• Washing a large or heavy single item such as a towel or jacket can cause the washing machine to become unbalanced during the spin cycle. It is recommended to add more clothing items to help the machine balance.

• Try to remove any hair, dust and stains from clothing prior to washing.

• Clothing that gets easily “fuzzed” or that loses fibres easily should be washed separately.

• Black clothing items should be washed separately.

• Do not wash waterproof materials within the washing machine.

Pay Attention to Detergents

• Only use suitable front load washing machine detergents with this washing machine – powder and liquid detergents only.

• Only ever use the recommended quantity of detergent as per the manufacturer guidelines as an excessive quantity can cause excessive bubbles and overflow to occur. It can also result in detergent residue remaining on the clothing after the completion of the wash cycle.


You should select your washing program based on the type of clothing, quantity and dirtiness level, in combination with the temperature.
Never load the washing machine with excessive weight as it will affect your washing results.

Fibre Type Maximum Load Capacity
Cotton6.0 kg
Synthetics3.0 kg
Delicates2.5 kg
Wool2.0 kg

Turn the Program Selection Dial to select the corresponding program, according to the type of textiles being washed.

Program Load Time Temperature Speed Price
My Cycle6.0 kg1:01Cold2400$3.05
Cotton Intensive6.0 kg1:58401000$5.90
Cotton 606.0 kg4:36601200$13.80
Cotton 406.0 kg1:25401200$4.25
Cotton 206.0 kg1:13201000$3.65
Quick 152.0 kg0:15Cold800$0.75
Eco Wash2.0 kg1:0630800$3.30
Sports3.0 kg1:1940800$3.95
Synthetic3.0 kg1:33401200$4.65
Mixed6.0 kg1:13401000$3.65
Delicate2.5 kg1:0030600$3.00
Wool2.0 kg1:0640400$3.30
Drain Only0:01$0.05
Spin Only6.0 kg0:121000$0.60
Rinse & Spin6.0 kg0:311000$1.55

Then select the desired temperature based on the level of dirtiness.

Temperature Application
Cold / 20 / 30 / 40Lightly soiled clothing, synthetics & wool.
60Moderately soiled clothing, cotton & synthetics with a degree of discolouring (pyjamas & shirts).
90Seriously soiled clothing & pure white cotton (bed linen, table cloths & towels etc) .

Finally, select your desired spin speed. The higher the spin speed, the drier the textiles will be at completion however more delicate textiles will be more wrinkled. Delicate textiles should be set with a lower spin speed.

At the completion of a wash program, the washing machine will make an audible tone.

Wash programs

  • Cotton Intensive  You can select this program to wash any ‘daily’ washable clothes. The washing period is quite long with quite a strong washing intensity. It is recommended for washing clothes worn by persons with skin allergies.
  • Cotton  You can select these programs to wash any ‘daily’ washable clothes. The washing period is quite long with quite a strong washing intensity.
  • Quick 15  This program is suitable for washing a small quantity of clothes without heavy soiling.
  • Eco Wash  This program saves energy and limits the washing temperature to 30 degrees. Use with a small quantity of clothes which are only lightly dirty.
  • Sports  You can select this program to wash active wear.
  • Synthetic  You can select this program to wash synthetic clothes. The program is shorter compared with that for cottons and the washing intensity is relatively gentle. It is recommended for washing synthetic articles such as shirts and coats.
  • Mixed  You can select this program to wash durable clothes that require more washing time and strength. It is ideal for daily clothes made from cotton such as t-shirts, sheets and underwear.
  • Delicate  You can select this program to wash your delicate clothes. The washing intensity is gentler and spin speed is low compared to the Synthetic program. It is recommended for washing any articles requiring a soft wash.
  • Wool  You can select this program to wash wool textiles labelled with ‘Machine Wash’. Please select the proper washing temperature according to the clothing’s care label. The proper detergent amount should be used for wool textiles, which is generally less than normal wash loads.
  • Drain Only  This program provides a drain only option.
  • Spin Only  This program provides a spin only option. Residual soapy water shall be drained out before spinning.
  • Rinse & Spin  This program provides a short rinse cycle followed by a spin cycle.
My Cycle

My Cycle This customised program is recommended for Albion House residents to wash a full load of mixed clothes in cold water with more washing time and strength plus maximum spin speed.

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